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Natural Healing Workshops:

These workshops, are designed on Natural Healing's teachings, skills and qualifications.

Develop your skills to achieve optimum health and wellbeing and become a Reiki Healer

as part of this workshop.
6 hour workshop £60 each (group workshop)

6 hour workshop £240 (individual workshop)


You Can Heal Your Life/Life Coaching:
These workshops, based on the philosophies of Louise Hay - a world renowned speaker

on well-being - offer you the chance to learn new techniques in self healing and practice

positive philosophies that will help you in your daily life. Come along for a free taster session

at one of the Natural Healing meditation evenings.
1 hour session £60
6 x sessions £50 a session
You Can Heal Your Life - 6 hour workshop £60 each (group workshop)
You Can Heal Your Life - 6 hour workshop £240 (individual workshop)


A free consultation and bespoke blend of oils designed for your needs

De - stress your mind and body with a deep relaxing aromatherapy massage: 
30 min back massage £20
1 hour Swiss reflexology treatment £30 (using essential oils in a carrier on the pressure points of the feet)
1 hour full body massage £40
1.5 hour full body massage with facial £45

Individual Meditation:
Do you want to meditate, but find it hard to focus or relax? I cater for everyone from beginners to those who have perfected the art. Come to the Healing Room for a gently guided meditation and relaxation session. Set to music, we will realign the chakras, cleanse the aura, and meditate in a calm and relaxing environment.
1 hour session £20


Group Meditation 

Achieve a deep sense of peace and calm. First Wednesday of the month 7-9 at Rendezvous, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0DP. £4 admission includes refreshments and door raffle. All welcome. 

Crystal Therapy & Reiki:
Whether you are feeling tired or just want to cleanse your chakras; crystal therapy helps you find that inner balance that your looking for. Each session is centred around your needs, and is imbued with Reiki healing. 
1 hour session £20

Reiki Healing:
A gentle way of moving this powerful energy through your body, reinvigorating senses and cleansing the aura. Reiki has a great effect on calming the emotions, mind and body. Reiki can be combined with all of the therapies offered below or provided on its own. 

1 hour session £20

Stress Management: 
Helping to alleviate and recognise the symptoms of stress, we will identify potential triggers together, look at possible solutions and practice relaxation techniques. 
1 hour session £20

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:
If you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, this would be a beneficial therapeutic session for you. I can help you to recognise your triggers to anxiety, using tools to promote positivity in your perception of those triggers, and teach you relaxation techniques to create a positive outcome.
1 hour session £40


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