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Manifesting – what it is and how to successfully do it!

Manifesting; the art of intentionally creating what you want, is something that we feel we can either successfully do, or not. In reality, we’re all manifesting at every moment in our lives – regardless of whether we’re consciously doing it or not!


Manifesting is about energy and vibration

Everything you think and feel carries its own energy flow and vibration. Some things will have a heavy or low vibrational flow, whilst others will be light or high. Whenever we think or feel something, we’re sending out those energetic vibrations into the world – and the Law of Attraction dictates that like will attract like. If you see each of your thoughts and feelings as a request from you, you’ll understand how the art of intentionally creating what you want, works.

Manifesting is driven by feeling

We all want to feel a certain way, that’s why we want to manifest things into our lives. In its simplest form, we may want to attract money, so we can feel safe, secure, proud, and generous. We may want to feel loved, cherished and respected, so we look to attract an ideal partner. We then put out attention and focus onto having those things and imagine how it would feel to have those things, visualise ourselves having those things. It’s with these focused and continued intentions and thoughts that will attract them into our lives.

The problems arise, when we start to attract things into our lives that we DON’T want or don’t receive the things that we do. This is when most people start to question their manifestation skills or first become aware of them. But it’s important to remember, the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law – it is happening automatically – you just need to get working with it.

#1: Become aware of your thoughts and feelings

The first step to working with the Law of Attraction is to realise, you are manifesting at all times. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts of feeling negative emotions, you’re attracting more of the same. By becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings, you can start to notice what they’re attracting into your life – and start to make changes.

#2: Focus on what you DO want

One of the first things you need to change is your focus – stop focusing on what you don’t want and those negative thoughts and feelings! Instead, start to focus on what you DO want. If you want a specific thing, such as money or a new car, focus on how it will make you feel to have it. What will it enable you to do and how will that feel?

#3: Set the intention and put it out there

This is like putting in your request to the Universe. If you want it, spend time visualising having it. Talk about it, act as if you’ve already got it. Feel those associated feelings and regularly connect into them.

#4: Act on it

As mentioned above, act as if you already have it. Take the action steps needed, to get it into your life. Go out there and make it happen.

#5: Be open to receiving it

Many people get hooked up on what this means. It simply means believe it is happening for you and believe you’re worthy of it. Cast aside doubt and trust in yourself.

#6: Focus on the feeling, not the vessel

By focusing on the feeling, you’re opening yourself up to other ways to receive this feeling. You may have limited your options or relied on one thing to bring results, whereas the Universe may give you the same end result, but in a more beautiful way.

#7: Practice gratitude

Always be grateful for everything you have, everything you receive and everything in your life. The more grateful you are, the more you’re opening yourself to receive even more to be grateful for.

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