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Learning to trust your intuition

Your intuition is a powerful and valuable tool, one that can help you move forward in any aspect of your life. It’s always available and guides you through the most difficult of situations – if you let it.

Unfortunately, we tend to treat it badly, by letting our thoughts drown it out or doubting its intentions and capabilities.


If you’d like to learn to reconnect and trust your intuition, here’s some steps to get you started.

Be still in the moment

Intuition whispers – so learn to give yourself the space and time to be silent. Giving yourself a timeout to just sit and be, enables you to tune into your intuition. If you meditate, give yourself an opportunity to do so, prior to making any decisions, as it’s a great way to quiet the inner chatter that can run riot in your head.

Another suggestion is to go for a walk outside in nature. Nature has a great way of relaxing us enough to be open to what our intuition and guidance is trying to tell us.

Giving yourself a timeout also puts some distance between you and the current dilemma or problem you’re facing. You have time to breathe and switch your focus onto something else – giving your intuition time to come up with a solution.

Be honest with yourself

Whether you opt to write your thoughts and feelings in a journal or talk things over with a trusted friend, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself. It can be relatively easy to push aside those gut feelings and say no to opportunities or to step back when your intuition is telling you to step up – but you need to face how you’re feeling and be honest with yourself.

Pay attention

You don’t always get full-on answers to everything you need. Sometimes (in fact, most times!), your intuition is busy giving you guidance, in the form of fleeting images, random thoughts and intense emotions. So, start learning to pay attention when you experience these things.

Learn to trust yourself

We can often look for outside guidance, input and advice, but often, we already know the answers – we’re just not trusting ourselves to make those choices. Learning to trust yourself and your inbuilt wisdom is an essential part of becoming totally at one with yourself. The more you trust, the more you’ll learn to tune in, listen and act on your intuition.

Stop telling yourself you don’t know

We create our reality. When you tell yourself you don’t know, you’re setting yourself up to not know – and you’re closing yourself off to the possibility of knowing! Instead, look to change that ‘I don’t know’ mantra into a more useful one. How about ‘I’m willing to know’ or ‘I’m willing to now receive the knowledge/answer I need’ or even ‘I’m open to possibilities and solutions’? These will all help you get over blocking your intuition from giving you the responses you need.

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