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All we need is love

Love is a feeling that’s so difficult to define, yet it’s something we all instinctively know we need. It’s one of the highest frequency emotions and is said to be the one thing we’re all looking for in life – but why is it so difficult to find and how do we know when we have it?

Love isn’t something you can find

One of the biggest reasons we find it so difficult to find, is we’re actually looking for it. Love isn’t something you can find – it’s something you feel. In fact, love in its purest sense, is defined by a series of emotions – joy, bliss, contentment, abundance, gratitude – they can all be used to describe love. You can feel love at any moment you choose to feel it, if you understand that it’s something you CAN feel and something you can CHOOSE to feel.

What love isn’t

Unfortunately, love has gotten a bad rap. It’s seen as something you get from physical things or other people, something that can be given and taken at will. However, love does not come with conditions, unless we choose to put them there. Pure love is something we cannot use as a bartering tool to get our own way and take away, whenever we see fit.

We all have an intense need to be loved and this often means we look to others to help fulfil that need – often given them permission to help mould us into what they need to fulfil their needs – but, what we need to learn is how to love ourselves, before we look to love others.

How to love yourself

Loving yourself first isn’t a selfish thing – it’s an essential thing! It helps you set boundaries as to how you expect to be treated and spoken too, and it enables you to experience a pure, unbiased love with no strings attached. So how exactly can you build on the love you feel for you?

Loving yourself is being kind to yourself. It’s nurturing yourself and giving yourself what you need, to thrive and step into your own power. Often, this equates to showing yourself the same level of respect and belief, that you currently hold for others. Speak kindly to yourself and stop belittling yourself. Spend time finding out about you – what you like and desire, getting to know about YOU, the parts you love and why – and give yourself space and time to recharge your batteries, think things through and get better connected with yourself, your guides and guardian angels and your intuition.

Fill your own cup, before filling those of others around you

Loving yourself is about filling your cup first, so you can then use the overspill of that love on those around you. This ensures you’re coming from a true place of love and service, rather than carrying out acts with the aim of getting love or getting approval. It also gives you the opportunity to better tune into your needs, to ensure you’re always listening to the needs of your body, mind and soul, protecting your energy and keeping it high, honouring your emotions and keeping your mind positive and healthy.

So, with all that in mind, how do you know when you have love? You’ll know, because you feel connected, guided, respected, honoured – you trust yourself and are happy being you, in this moment or any other moment – and you know it is all YOUR doing.

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