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Spirituality: the missing piece in the jigsaw of us

Spirituality, is a word that we often see talked about in alternative therapy and self-help circles, but seldom know what it means. The problem with the word itself, is it actually has a different meaning for everyone. For some, spirituality means having faith and belief in a specific religion or deity and, for others – it’s the deep values and meanings that guide how they live each day.


At its core, spirituality is a sense of connection with something bigger than ourselves. We’re touched by this connection at a heart level – it can be so overwhelming, it leaves us breathless and/or tearful. Some people can spend their whole lives searching for that connection and associated feelings, outside of themselves; that ‘something’ that will give their life meaning and makes them feel connected.

Others know; it isn’t something you can find outside of you – it’s connecting with what’s already inside of you at a soul level, that creates that spark.

Spirituality is the missing piece that makes us feel whole. It gives our life meaning and helps us uncover our purpose or calling – and it makes it all seem so effortlessly easy.

When you acknowledge your spirituality, and make peace with it, everything fits into place. You have faith and belief in yourself, your purpose, your direction, and how you fit into this world. You experience more joy, peace and passion, as you connect into the flow of life and learn to go with what instinctively feels right for you. Your intuition and ability to make the best decision for you, becomes easier, as you tune into that deep well of knowing, deep inside you.

Often, when people feel lost, frustrated with life, afraid and alone, it is down to them not having a spiritual connection. This leads to them feeling unsure of their purpose in life and questioning why they’re here, they’re energy levels are low and they doubt their own abilities and intuition. A spiritually lost person will then either seek to find that connection again, or will become hooked on outside stimulants, in an effort to feel alive.

Regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs, you cannot deny that we all believe in our connection to something that is bigger than ourselves. Whether you call that a connection with God, Universe or Self, this connection can be one of the most powerful driving forces in our life – buoying us up when we’re weary and showing us the way when we feel lost – and helping us, as humans, to feel complete, guided and loved.

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