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Metaphysics counselling therapy will be available soon

I’m a big believer that, in order to heal yourself, you need to take a mind, body and spiritual approach, and this is why I’m currently studying to become a Metaphysics counsellor – so I can bring this wonderful therapy into my treatment portfolio and into your life.

We have all had times where we experience challenges in our life, where conflict and difficulties have arisen. At times like these, we feel lost, unsettled and at odds with ourselves, and our thoughts run rampant. Often, our problems and challenges go deeper than the physical, mental and emotional levels – the root is at a soul level – and this is where Metaphysics counselling comes into its own.

Metaphysics counselling therapy is a holistic-approach therapy that is based on spiritual principles. Metaphysical counsellors don’t just use talk therapy, they target the root of your problems and issues, by using a whole range of powerful techniques and spiritual principles to uncover the greater good in them. This doesn’t mean we’re not interested in talking about your problems – Metaphysical counsellors are skilled at listening – but we listen out for the surface issues AND the beliefs and patterns that are contributing to those problems too. We look to go beyond the self and into the soul part of you.

We look to facilitate a new understanding around the problem, to help you rise above it, by finding the imbalances in your belief system and raising your awareness and understanding around it. This enables you to gain a deeper insight, restore harmony and experience clarity and a sense of peace and well-being. This may include using mind treatments – such as truth statements you need to repeat to yourself between sessions – as well as visualisation and/or meditation techniques.

The beauty of Metaphysical counselling is it’s totally versatile. We do follow a Code of Conduct, but are not bound to specific teachings, so we can decide on the ideal technique for your condition, and adapt to your changing requirements as the sessions progress.

So, what does this all mean for you? Well, you get to heal, emotionally, physically and mentally and you’ll be empowered to become the best version of you. You’ll experience a greater sense of peace and well-being, you’ll be able to move past any limiting beliefs you may have, you’ll have a greater awareness and understanding of yourself and you’ll become totally aligned with your True Self.

Metaphysics counselling works on almost any condition, including:

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Career and work related situations

  • Health issues

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Emotional-based issues

  • Habitual patterns

I can’t wait to make this wonderful therapy available to you. If you’re interested in finding out more about my availability for Metaphysics counselling, do please get in touch and I’ll add you to my waiting list. You can get in touch, by giving me a call on: 07973 659526 or via email:

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