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Manifesting your way to a better life

Manifesting is one of those techniques that is frequently mentioned, but is often seen as a quick and easy solution to your problems. This inevitably, leads to a lot of disappointment, with people talking about how it doesn’t work for them or how it is ‘just a fad’.

The thing about manifestation is this – whether you believe it or not, we’re all doing it automatically anyway. What we’re putting our attention, emotions and focus on, is what we’re manifesting into our lives, so why not do it intentionally?

Therefore, manifesting, if done the right way, can be a great tool to improve your life.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. It’s turning your thoughts and desires into your physical reality. However, this doesn’t mean it’s about merely wishing and hoping. Manifestation is a three-step process – asking for what you want, believing that it will be provided, and taking focused action.

Asking for what you want

The first step is putting in your request and asking for what you want. Some do this through prayer, others prefer to visualise. The more passionately and emotionally you want something, the stronger the request.

This is why visualisation can be so strong; you’re using all your senses to visualise it, imagining and feeling what it’s like to have it and acting as if you already have it. Your brain cannot easily distinguish between something that has already happened and something that you are vividly visualising.

The secret to this step is getting clear on what you want. This means knowing what you DO want and not asking for what you DON’T want! Get specific and clear – if you want a car, is it a new one or used one? Is it a left or right hand drive? Manual or automatic? Colour and style? Imagine what it feels like to drive it and where you are driving.

Believing it will be provided

This is where trust comes in. You have to trust that the Universe/God/Source will provide. It’s not about continually watching and waiting for something to appear, it’s about putting the request out there and knowing, without a doubt, that your request will be answered. You don’t have to concern yourself with how or when it will happen, or what worrying about what you need to do, in order to make it happen – it’s about trusting it WILL be here.

It’s also about believing that you’re worthy and deserving of what you’re asking for too. You cannot trust it’s going to be provided to you, if you don’t believe you deserve it.

Taking focused action

This isn’t about taking control of your request and concerning yourself with how it will happen – it’s about being ready to act on impulses and nudges, no matter how big or small they may be. It’s also about following impulses and intuition, regardless of whether you think they’re connected to your request or not.

Many of these actions may appear to be coincidental, such as asking to manifest a new car, and then seeing the one you visualised in a newspaper article, but the very act of putting your request out there means you’ve switched your focus and intentions on something – and the universe is busy behind the scenes, making sure that happens.

What are you currently manifesting in your life? Did you find these tips useful and have they encouraged you to give manifesting a try? Why not share your tips and experiences of manifesting, in the comments box below!

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