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Living in grace

Grace is not just a word that’s connected to religion and it’s not something that can be given or taken away. It’s a feeling of lightness and fulfilment, a state of being. It’s knowing you’re living a conscious life, following your purpose and living life on your terms. When you live in grace your mind is relaxed, free from fear, stress and worry – and you feel blessed with the life you have as you watch it gently unfold.

But knowing what grace is isn’t enough – you need to be living in a state of grace. So how can you start doing that? Here’s some simple tips that you can implement on a daily basis, to start living a life of grace and ease.

#1: Learn to stop

Start by remembering you’re a human being, not a human doing. You need to stop the general busyness of your life and give yourself a valuable timeout. What are you doing that you don’t need to be doing? Are you so used to being busy, you don’t know what it feels like to stop? Learn to stop and give yourself a breather, time to think and time to connect in with yourself.

#2: Be silent

We all have a soft voice of knowing within us. Whether you call it your intuition, God, divine being or your gut feeling, you won’t hear it if you’re not being quiet and listening for it. Give yourself regular slots in your day, to just sit and be silent and listen to the guidance you’re receiving.

#3: Surrender in this moment

Surrender into this moment. Learn to let go of feeling the need to control everything. You don’t need to know the answers to everything and you don’t need to continually push or strive, in order to achieve things. Grace is effortless, it’s not about doing, trying and pushing, it’s about being and knowing it’s all going to work out right for you.

#4: Align yourself with your highest good

We are all here for a reason and we all have a purpose. It could be to inspire others through your business activities or to be a positive role model as a mother, but knowing your purpose, aligning yourself to it and living it, are the best ways to ensure you’re living in grace. By ensuring you’re being the best possible version of you, you’ll be an inspiration to both yourself and those around you.

#5: Trust all is well

Know that things are unfolding as they need to be, at the right time and speed for you, always. Witness the process and enjoy the journey, knowing that all is well in your world. Living in grace is about enjoying the journey of life – it’s not about striving and rushing to reach the end goal or destination as quickly as possible.

By implementing the above tips on a daily basis, you’ll better know yourself and will also learn to trust yourself and your intuition. You’ll also benefit from experiencing first-hand, what it feels like, to be living a life of grace and ease.

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