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Cold and virus prevention

There’s been so many people suffering from colds and viruses this year. I previously covered how, if you’re suffering from the dreaded bugs, you can alleviate the symptoms (if you haven’t yet seen it, you can read it here).

But we don’t just want to know how to calm the symptoms of these various infections and viruses down, we want to avoid getting the bugs in the first place! So, I thought it would be a good idea to do a follow-up to that earlier post – but this time, covering some tips that help you protect yourself from whatever germs are doing the rounds.

Change your lifestyle habits!

I don’t need to tell you; altering your lifestyle is going to help improve your overall health and resistance to infection – but so many of us are still not putting in the effort. The obvious one is to up your level of exercise, but other lifestyle changes that will help include:

  • Reducing or stopping smoking

  • Reducing alcohol intake

  • Reducing your intake of processed foods – including sugar, refined carbs, trans fats

  • Reduce your intake of known allergens, such as dairy products.

These all put a strain on your body and immune system. Whilst the Reticuloendothelial System is eliminating these toxins, it isn’t able to also process and get rid of viruses and bugs.

Your body and immune system will function more effectively, if you’re in an alkaline state. An easy way to achieve this is to follow the lifestyle changes above and by starting your day by drinking warm lemon water (500ml warm water mixed with 1/3 lemon juice) or a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Change your home environment

Simple changes to your home can help you avoid bugs and infections. Simply having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home will help cleanse and deodorise the air.

Use natural cleaning remedies, such as damp dusting (using a damp cloth instead of polish and sprays) will help prevent virus/bacteria from becoming airborne and wiping down surfaces with pine and lavender oil will help cleanse your home of them too.

Ensure your bedroom isn’t a magnet for allergens. Change your bedding and vacuum the mattress weekly. Ideally, you’ll want to remove carpet and curtains from your bedroom, as they both tend to store allergens and bugs – look instead, to have wooden blinds and floor coverings.

Work with your mindset

Practice mindfulness and meditation for just 20 minutes a day, and you’ll soon see an improvement to your physical and mental wellbeing. These help you to clarify what is going on with you, at any given moment. We often get nudges and signs of something that is blocking our flow of chi and, if we ignore these gentle signs, they are left to manifest into physical ailments that we then have no choice, but to pay attention to.

Focus on positive affirmations and positive thoughts. This includes dealing with any issues that may be bringing your positive thoughts and energy into the lower vibrational energies and feelings. So, look to maintain healthy relationships with those around you and resolve money worries too – as they can both play a huge part in your overall wellbeing.

Nourish your soul

Explore a passion, something that sets you alive. List out the top 5 ways that bring pleasure into your life and follow them.

Keep your life balanced – a balanced life will keep you healthy. It’s only once you get out of balance, that lower level energies, such as stress, depression and anxiety can creep in – leaving our overall health vulnerable.

Practice a good sleep hygiene. Sleep deprivation can lower your immune system. Get yourself into a good routine, where your physical body knows it’s time to wind down. Have a warm drink and ensure there’s no electrical devices or VDU screens being used for an hour before your go to sleep – as they prevent the production of serotonin into melatonin, which is needed to send the body into natural sleep.

Practice self care

This isn’t just about wrapping up warm when you go outside in cold weather (although this will help, as when your body is cold, it’s more susceptible to viruses and bacterial invasion!).

Self care is ensuring you’re always using loving and kind thoughts and words on yourself. This is about giving yourself time to recharge your batteries. It’s about giving yourself space and time to process your thoughts and feelings – to let go of any physical or emotional things that are ‘weighing’ you down and releasing any thoughts of guilt, shame, blame and anger.

For it’s true; you need to look after number one first and that includes doing everything you can to ensure you’re healthy and well. If you don’t do that, you’ll be in no position to look after anyone else.

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