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Learn to lead a Harmonizing Life

Everything in nature happens so effortlessly. Seeds gently grow, stretching up to meet the sun and becoming magnificent oak trees or flowers. Rivers and streams effortlessly flow over rocks and pebbles, gradually carving their way downstream and nourishing the surrounding plants, as they go.

Each tiny seed in nature, has the exact blueprint it needs to become whatever it is destined to be, whether that’s a flower or tree. It’s also designed to support the entire ecosystem it grows in. It may need to adapt to changes in environment, as well as the seasons, but its blueprint will ensure it becomes what it is destined to become – it just needs to be what it is.

Nature can teach us so much

Our lives have gotten so hectic and stressful. We’ve become routined to being in a state of ‘busyness’, but it doesn’t have to be this way, if we just take our cues from the natural beauty around us.

This is what I’ve recently been learning from the Harmonizing Process and why I’ll shortly be offering this valuable coaching Process to my clients. It encourages us to drop from being in constant head-space, back into our hearts. To listen to our intuition and feelings. To follow the cues our bodies are giving us – and slow down, relax and balance our lives.

Nature takes what it needs to thrive. It’s strong, adaptable, intelligent and resilient. It uses a mixture of rhythm and balance to ensure it thrives and survives. It has natural cycles, designed to give it time to grow and adequate time to rest.

We can learn so much from nature – and this is what the Harmonizing Process is all about.

We have the skills and knowledge to thrive

You have the strength and determination to not only survive, but to thrive. By learning how to listen to your intuition and feelings, you understand what gentle steps you need to take, in order to balance your life again. By learning how to use the natural cycles and rhythms we have available to us – our menstrual and menopausal cycles – we can create a more harmonious and balanced life.

Like a tiny seed, we all have a unique blueprint within us. We inherently know what our unique gifts and talents are and how we play a part in the jigsaw puzzle of humanity. But we can often lose our connection with that knowledge – when life experiences, negative thoughts and doubts cloud our judgement and block our flow.

The Harmonizing Process

The Harmonizing Process sits beautifully between coaching and counselling. The weekly Harmonizing sessions give you the space to re-evaluate your life and get support to help balance your life again.

This life transformational process comprises of three different packages, varying in timescale from six weeks to ten. It enables you to gently and naturally re-awaken your confidence and balance your emotions, as well as boosting your passion and resilience.

It’s a beautiful Process, that gives you the tools you need to become familiar with your own inner rhythms and cycles, empower yourself and realign your mind. The Harmonizing Process is perfect, if you’re feeling under confident, disconnected, out of focus, or like you have it all – but feel as though you’re still missing something. By coaching you to honour your deepest needs, you’ll create a nourishing daily lifestyle plan and a soft-focus action plan, to gently move your life back into alignment with your future direction and dreams.

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