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Easing cold and virus symptoms, at a mind, body and soul level

There seems to have been a massive increase in people suffering from cold, viruses, chest and ear infections lately – and those nasty bugs are stubbornly hanging around.

When we suffer from infections and dis-ease, we often look to cure them purely at a body level, as this is the area that’s showing most distress. However, if you want to really banish those nasty bugs and viruses, you need to focus on all levels of a person – mind, body and soul.

Here are a few tips to aid recovery, on all three levels.

Level one – your body

When we suffer with infection and dis-ease, our body becomes inflamed inside. Altering your lifestyle and diet are proven ways to help reduce this inflammation and this includes increasing your exercise and reducing your intake of processed foods.

Look to improve your eating habits, by reducing your refined carbs & toxins (such as alcohol and tobacco). Also, avoid any known allergens, such as dairy products and up your intake of nuts, tomatoes, fatty fish, leafy greens and fruit – but avoid oranges, as they’re known to produce congestion in the lungs. Use olive oil when cooking, as the antioxidants in it help reduce inflammation and turmeric wherever possible, as it contains an active ingredient called curcumin – long known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Finally, if you’re not drinking enough it will increase the chance of congestion building on your lungs, so look to drink plenty of fluids – but avoid fizzy drinks. Not only does it help your kidneys to function better, it helps clear congestion in your lungs and flush viruses and bacteria from your body.

Simple self-help tips include:

  • To help dislodge congestion, gently work your lungs by walking up and down the stairs,

  • Relieve earache by placing a heat pad on the area and keeping the ear covered when you go out.

  • Sooth your throat, by adding a spoonful of honey, half a lemon and a pinch of turmeric to hot water – allow to cool slightly, before sipping.

  • Use essential oils such as lemon, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and thyme in the bath, foot spa and oil burners.

  • Switch on a Himalayan salt lamp and keep it near your bedside at night.

Level two – your mind

Your thoughts create your reality – and it’s no different when you’re struggling with an infection of virus. By ensuring your mind is focused on positive thoughts and feelings, you’ll be feeling healthier in no time.

Practising mindfulness is a great way to ensure your thoughts are heading in the right direction. Stop and be mindful for a minute every hour. Say to yourself ‘How do I feel right now in this very moment? What can I hear, taste, touch, see? Am I enjoying myself right now?’ If you’re not enjoying yourself – what can you do to change that?

Simple self-help tips include:

  • Change your mind set from one of ‘I’m ill’ to ‘I’m getting better and better each day.’

  • Add meditation to your daily routine. There are lots of free meditation videos on YouTube to choose from, so make it a goal to watch, learn and implement.

  • Use positive affirmations, such as ‘I am healed, whole and healthy’. You’ll find masses of positive health affirmations on Google – alternatively, why not create your own?

  • Book yourself in for a Prayers/Spiritual Mind treatment: Please go to my website for a SMT on health.

Level three – your soul

When you’re in optimum health, your body, mind and soul are all in balance. When you’re struggling with an infection or virus though, it can be an indication of being out of balance somewhere. We don’t always know where that imbalance is, but practicing meditation can help us get clear on our answers and solutions.

We seldom tend to focus on this third level, but it is just as important as the other two. It helps align us with our True Self and enables us feel better connected with the Universe and the world around us. Have balance in this level – and you’ll feel happier, healthier and more alive.

Simple self-help tips include:

  • Practicing meditation for a deeper connection with yourself and the Divine. Join a class or download the app ‘Head Space’ to get started.

  • Explore a passion – list the top 5 ways that bring pleasure into your life and follow them.

  • Get closer to nature, by taking a daily walk outside (but wrap up warm!)

  • Exercise such as yoga or tai-chi can help bring self- awareness and alignment to your mind body and soul.

  • Have plenty of rest. Not only does it help you to switch off, it enables your thoughts to wander and your body to heal.

Finally, are you practising self-care? That’s, internal self-care, such as sitting quietly and doing nothing. Learn to be gentle and encouraging to yourself and only say positive things about (and to) yourself. If you find yourself being self-critical, immediately change it to ‘I’m doing the best I can in this moment’.

Remember, you need to be true to yourself and look after number one, first. It’s only when we’re fit and healthy, that we can have the energy and enthusiasm to look after anyone else; so, get plenty of rest, practice the tips above and get yourself fit and healthy – on a mind, body and soul level!

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