It all started with a fish - and a thought.

It all started with a fish – and a thought.

I had a goldfish whose mate moved on to a great new life. I felt sorry for this one gold fish, swimming around in its tank alone. So my partner added a few small cold water shoaling fish to keep it company. Not the best situation for them after finding their heads at the bottom of the fish tank :{

After seeking advice, this goldfish had become very territorial.

Enters a thought: Why not put Mr fish in a larger outdoor fish pond, with other gold fish the same size.

And so this thought became a reality……..

The garden began a transformation from grass and bushes into a beautiful haven for clients and ourselves to enjoy. Designed and landscaped by my wonderful partner, over a few months the fish pond, Healing Room and Therapy Room became a reality.

Everything starts with a thought, and if you really want to achieve all you desire in life, then you can make it a reality. You can achieve anything if you believe, feel and think you will.

You can make your dreams a reality and live a happy and fulfilled life.

You can have the perfect relationship, home life, career and financial stability.

You can achieve optimum health & well-being.

I will be demonstrating how you can achieve all of these things at my meditation evenings starting 3rd Feb at Rendezvous 7-9pm.

Anything is possible. Yes - anything.

Take care of yourself and be happy

Love and blessings


‘‘ empowering you to achieve your dreams, wishes and ambitions’’