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A simple guide to Spiritual development


People often ask me ‘’What is the difference between religion and Spirituality?’’

A religion is a set of beliefs that a group of people subscribe to, while Spirituality is a personal journey that takes place within one’s self.

There are lots of ways to become more spiritually aware and awake.

To be spiritual is to connect your mind body and spirit. The more you are connected the more you become spiritually aware and sensitive to your surroundings.

Do not allow yourself to be drawn into others arguments and disputes. Do not allow others to upset you. Others opinions are their opinions only – not yours. What people think is their business not yours. Only be drawn to those who are positive, give their love freely and are supportive of you.

As you develop you will begin to notice that you are not phased by others negative attitudes. You will start to be become more positive and issues will resolve themselves quicker and easier. The more aware and awake you become the more you will attract like- minded people around you.

Below are some of the ways on how to achieve spiritual bliss.

The key to becoming more Spiritual is, however, a way of life. Whatever changes you make to your lifestyle need to be consistent in order to master the art of inner Peace.

  1. Start by Loving yourself. Not always easy I hear people say. With practice it gets better every day. Trust me – I’ve been there! Just look into your eyes every morning and say ‘I Love You’. You say it to those you love - so why not to yourself. There is a short effective affirmation: I Love and approve of myself. Have a go each day.

  2. Daily Affirmations. These are positive statements to say to yourself daily. There are thousands of them there if you google what you are trying to better in your life such as for example for your health: ‘’ I am Healed Whole and Healthy’’

  3. Daily Meditation. Reflecting on a meaning, or stilling the mind. Focusing on healing. Focusing on an object. Focusing on Love are some examples what meditation means to most people. It is usually achieved by using a gateway such as practising yoga, drumming, sound bath, relaxation as examples first. Begin with 10 minutes a day building up to an hour a day can bring great health benefits, well- being, restful sleep and peace of mind. With regular practice it can achieve startling results in manifesting ones dreams, wishes and desires. There are numerous types of meditation. To begin with it is easier to try out a guided meditation where you are taught through the practice.

  4. Mindfulness. Focusing ones full attention and awareness on the present moment, whilst calmly accepting ones feelings, thoughts and body sensations. It can be very therapeutic and makes you become consciously aware. Some areas of the country provide Mindfulness Courses free of charge on the NHS to support individuals with chronic painful conditions and those with anxiety and depression. There are of course lots of private practitioners out there. Practice being mindful for a minute every hour encourages the mind body connection.

  5. Visualisation. Sometimes used within a meditation session. Being able to visualise changes your life for the better and will give out a message to those around you and the Universe itself.

  6. Showing gratitude and appreciation. Be grateful for everything you have and receive. Say your prayers. Show gratitude for your plate of food, accept compliments, and gifts. Show appreciation for your friends and family who are there for you.

  7. Release all fear. There are only really 2 emotions. Love and fear when it boils down to it. Release fear can be done in lots of ways – through meditation, journaling, rituals, talking, exercises to release and more. Or see a professional if it has taken over your life.

  8. Self-Care: Be kind to yourself and tame your critical thinking. When you become negative about yourself stop and remind/tell yourself how much you love yourself. Eat well and healthily with plenty of plant based foods. Carry out exercise such as yoga. Get plenty of sleep and rest with a good sleep hygiene routine before bedtime.

  9. The last thing you do before you go to asleep is think about what it is you would like to achieve. Allow yourself to dream as you drift off to sleep.

  10. Thinking and feeling positively will change your mind set over time. Positive thinking alone does not necessarily brings results. When we think a positive thought the whole process is greatly emphasised within the body of we feel the feeling too.  

  11. Create a sacred space in your home where you can safely burn candles. A space that only you sit in. Draw up a chair with a little table for your candle. Add a few flowers, an aroma, and maybe a picture of a loved one. Sit in your space daily starting off with 10 minutes. If you can meditate even better! This space will absorb your energies and on ‘off days’ when you do not feel like doing anything, you will feel better!

  12. A daily dose of laughter! Yoga laughter is the new fun way to make you laugh and lift the mood. When we laugh we produce hormones which create the feel good factor. Watching comedies and films regularly can lift the spirits.

  13. Learn to be assertive and say No more often. We don’t have to say yes to everything or please everyone all the time.

  14. Walking in nature. Allowing ourselves to be at one with nature connects us to the energy around us and brings us in tune with the earth.

  15. Exercise. Daily exercise which makes us sweat and the heart beat faster than normal. This process stimulates the Reticula Endothelia System to rid the body of toxins. One of the best things we can do to encourage the body to heal and repair itself.

  16. Keeping a journal. Write daily about your day. Any challenges and difficulties can be removed from the mind to the paper. Keeping a diary of good experiences lifts the soul.

  17. Start a hobbies. Choose something you enjoy that will stimulate your senses and relax the mind.

  18. Reading anything spiritual whether it be books or googling on YouTube/Facebook etc

  19. Join a spiritual group of like- minded people or enrol on a spiritual course.

  20. Clear out the clutter. Get rid of unwanted items in your house, and especially your bedroom and car where you spend time.

  21. Practise non attachment to those things you no longer need in your life or to those who are difficult. Ernest Holmes say if you wish to rid someone from your life, give them no attention and pay them no notice. Eventually they will depart without any hassle.

  22. Listen to music of your choice. Music resonates with the cells within the body bringing about healing and calm.

  23. Release anger and any negative feelings such as guilt, blame, shame etc

  24. Try EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping to release unwanted emotions and fears – a combination of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology which has amazing results.

  25. Watch your words. Everything we give out into the Universe sets us in motion for future outcomes. The law of Cause and Effect, and the Law of Karma are triggered when we express ourselves.

  26. Keep a balance in your life. All things in moderation.

  27. Focus on what you Love and who you Love

  28. Be your authentic self!

  29. As you become more and more consciously aware and awake life will fit into place easily. When you speak and ask questions the answers will pop into your head before they answer.

  30. There are no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason. Synchronicity – meaningful conicidences.

Check out the five main areas of your life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, and Spirituality. All good? Great stuff! You are on the right track ;) If not and you find yourself dropping into a bucket then seek help. The sooner the better!

If you would like to know more message me or email for an appointment or to find out the latest meditations and events.

Love and blessings


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